Forget all you know about plate tectonics, evolution, and the study of DNA for a moment.

Back in the mid-1800s, a few scientists working from scant evidence decided there must have been a lost continent in the Indian Ocean.

They called it Lemuria.

Some even thought, there once lived a race of now-extinct humans called Lemurians.

In 2013 geologists discovered evidence of a lost continent precisely where Lemuria was said to have existed…

Read more about the story in this article

The Great $LEM Exodus 🔥

To make life better on Lemuria, Kingtoshi Lemuroto sent 55% of the LEM supply at launch to the LEM Whale in an event known as the “Great LEM Exodus”.

Now, 2% of every LEM traded will be sent to LEM holders (aka Lemurians) AND the LEM Whale.

Consequently, the more transactions, the faster LEM Whale gets bigger! The result is simple; LEM circulating supply decreases with each trade, increasing exponentially the value for all Lemurians -> automatic hyper-deflationary mechanism

Blue Hole Liquidity Protocol / Automatically Locked Liquidity Forever 📈

3% of every LEM transaction are sent to the Blue Hole Liquidity Protocol and locked forever (check here)

This get bigger as time passes, and since the Pancakeswap LP-tokens are locked forever, it creates an ever rising price floor, ensuring the future Lemurians a sustainable economy.

Lemurians farming

LEMURIA ISLAND — a SAFE paradise with Automatic Yield Farming 🔒

Kingtoshi Lemuroto to ensure the security of Lemurians, renounced ownership of the contract (check the blockchain, it never lies -> here).
The auto yield farming process guarantees absolute safety.
A 2% tax is applied on every transaction and is distributed to LEM holders automatically, no risk of getting rugged, no need to provide liquidity with the risk of impermanent loss, and no gas fees.

No staking required means you, and you alone control your LEM 🐵

Lemurians understand this very very well — Not your keys, not your coins —
They can relax and enjoy their cocktails on the paradise beaches of Lemuria. 🐒🍹

Lemuria is a fair democracy 100% decentralized 🤝

LEM was stealth launched (no presale) by Kingoshi Lemuroto and he provided 100% of the LEM supply in liquidity.

Therefore there is no team tokens and Lemuria is governed by the community of Lemurians (100% decentralized).

The future of Madagascar 🚀

  • Launch and soft marketing
  • Coingecko, CMC and other listings
  • Website V2
  • Lemur invaders game
  • Start of marketing push
  • Partnerships
  • NFT farming and marketplace, Lemupunks
  • Real Life utilities & Lemur foundation

Tokenomics 💰

▪️Token Name & Ticker: LEMUR / $LEM
▪️Token Adress : 0xc35f46aaeb8ad17bcbaa78c03540feffa44790cb
▪️Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000 LEM
▪️Circulating Supply at launch: 450,000,000,000 LEM
▪️Presale: none, stealth launch
▪️5% Tax on every transactions (buy, sell and wallet transfer): 2% to holders / 3% to LEM/BNB Liquidity and locked forever
▪️Exponential auto-burn process: 550,000,000,000 LEM were burned at launch, by getting the 2% tax on every transactions it burns more and faster
▪️Audit: The Lemurians cannot be scammed 👉 the ownership of the contract was transferred to the burn address, the Liquidity is locked forever and growing in pancakeswap every transaction

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